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General information

The Judaica Portal is a Discovery System that enables users to search several, heterogeneous data sources via one single search request. It contains the complete catalogues of libraries specializing in Judaica, as well as excerpts from the catalogues of larger university libraries in the Berlin-Brandenburg area and State Library of Berlin.

Further resources have been added to the library catalogues in the Judaica Portal. Amongst others, RAMBI (The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies of the National Library of Israel), has been added as a bibliographical instrument. The bibliographical references of the RAMBI index are linked to the corresponding journals and edited volumes in the Judaica Portal – provided they can be found in the holdings of Judaica libraries in the Berlin-Brandenburg area, which however is not always possible at the moment.

In addition to journals from the contributing libraries, you will find bibliographical records of many more periodicals that contain articles relevant to the field of Jewish Studies. The portal provides a link to the German Union Catalogue of Serials (ZDB). This enables you to identify the institution that holds the journal you are looking for.

Original Hebrew Script

In the portal, you can search media in both the original Hebrew script AND its transliteration. This is why a virtual keyboard is integrated to its home page. Please note: Not all libraries catalogue their Hebrew holdings in the original script. In the German-speaking area, the cataloguing of Hebrew titles in original script started only in 2012. Hence, for the time being, many available Hebraica can only be searched with the transliteration of the original Hebrew script.


The Judaica Portal has a duplicate checking feature. Although, identical matches might appear more than once, which is due to minor deviations in the bibliographical records. As a result, two datasets cannot be identified as identical und thus not be linked to each other under one record.

Multivolume Works

Another difficult issue is the correct representation of hierarchies in multivolume works and series. Hierarchies can only be displayed partially. For this reason, we recommend using the corresponding library catalogues in order to get a better overview. Via the links in the portal you are redirected to each title and its corresponding volume directly.

Online Media

Also online media are listed in the Judaica Portal Berlin-Brandenburg. Access free of charge is only possible if the medium in question is provided according to Open Access principles.
Licensed offers (i.e. those not free of charge) can be accessed within the network of the license holders, at selected workstations in the libraries or after registration with the aforementioned FID for Jewish Studies.