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    Online Resource
    Online Resource
    [Jerusalem] : מאגנס = Magnes Press
    Title: האבולוציה של הפרקטיקה הרפואית
    ISBN: 9789657839164
    Language: Hebrew
    Pages: 1 Online-Ressource
    Year of publication: 2023
    Keywords: History ; Medicine and Health ; Life Sciences
    Abstract: In the second half of the twentieth century, the medical community adopted the scientific method as a basis for practice. It seemed that after thousands of years the way was paved for a regulated process: from the laboratory through the clinical trial to the patient's bed. But it soon became clear that the road is neither straight nor continuous. Clinical research only offers unequivocal answers in a few cases. The balance between benefit and risk does not end with a statistical calculation; A significant part of the consideration of the factors that determine the change of medical practice is based on values, worldview and interests. Many factors are involved in the path leading from the laboratory to the patient: scientists, doctors, pharmaceutical and technology companies, politicians, regulators, and at the end of the path stand the patients themselves. Each of these factors uses the means at its disposal to influence the final result - the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of the patient. The path of progress from the laboratory to the patient is also not continuous: sometimes the intervals between steps are large, sometimes sudden jumps occur after a prolonged period of slowing down and even stopping. Scientific and clinical research depends on the initiative, skills and determination of the researchers, and not a little on coincidences and has no fixed timetables.This book is dedicated to revealing the evolution of medical practice, to identifying fundamental changes in practice and to describing the winding way in which they were accepted and assimilated into the body of medical knowledge and the mutual relationship between the doctor and the patient
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    Online Resource
    Online Resource
    [Jerusalem] : Magnes Press
    Title: להיות רופא בעידן הבערות מרצון
    ISBN: 9789657759356
    Language: Hebrew
    Pages: 1 Online-Ressource
    Year of publication: 2017
    Series Statement: Bridges
    Series Statement: גשרים
    Parallel Title: Erscheint auch als
    Keywords: Philosophy ; Medicine and Health
    Abstract: Dr. Mozes presents a reflection of his own personal 25-year journey through the fields of clinical practice, clinical epidemiology, and history and philosophy of medicine. His journey passes through 20 stations. Most of the chapters deal with problems that are at the focus of contemporary public debate, such as cholesterol and heart disease, screening for early detection of breast cancer, hormone replacement therapy to treat menopause symptoms, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, vaccination, obesity and bariatric surgery, depression and dementia. At the same time Mozes tries to open a skylight on the personal experiences, motives and desires that drove him to delve into the various topics, and select his particular point of view. "Benjamin Mozes easily refutes many prejudices, touching upon the connections between fears, motivations, beliefs and anxieties, while being attentive to the state of the contemporary man - lending a wise and compassionate ear to patients." (from a review by Ariel Hirschfeld)
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